Arch bridges affect corridor roads


The Rising Nepal

Kathmandu, May 19: The arch bridges being constructed over the Dhobikhola River in Maitighar-Tinkune road section have adversely affected the traffic at the corridor roads along Dhobikhola, thanks to a fault in design and lack of coordination among the concerned authorities.

Though the corridor project was already in pipeline before the construction of the first ever network bridges being built in Dhobikhola, the faulty design of the bridge has caused blockade to the corridor road. 
The situation has arisen due to the lack of proper attention to the corridor roads while designing the bridge, said Arjun Aryal, chief of the Kathmandu Valley Road Improvement Project.
The project under the Department of Roads (DoR) is building arch bridges while Kathmandu Valley Development Authority is constructing the corridor roads.
Aryal said that the arch bridge has completely blocked the corridor roads in the side of Babarmahal due to the weakness in its design. He said that the fault can also be addressed if there was proper coordination between the two concerned authorities.
“As we have made all foundations and major works of the bridge, the only option with us is to narrow down the river for constructing corridor roads,” he said.
Keshav Prasad Neupane, spokesperson of the KVDA, said that the newly built bridge should not have blocked the corridor road as was the case with the old bridge.
Neupane, who did not directly blame DoR for creating the situation, however, said that the lack of coordination was responsible for blocking the corridor roads by the under-construction bridge.
He said that many other bridges built earlier were creating problems for the construction and management of the corridor project. “We are making the corridor roads down below many old bridges in Dhobikhola,” he added.
The DoR has constructed arch bridges in both sides of existing bridge of Dhobikhola and over the Bagmati River in the Maitighar-Tinkune road.
Not only in Dhobikhola corridor project, several problems have been confronted while undertaking infrastructure development works under Bagmati Action Plan due to lack of proper coordination among the concerned authorities, said Yogendra Chitrakar, deputy project director of the High Powered Committee for the Development of Bagmati Civilisation.
He said that there are more than 20 government authorities involved in implementing the action plan. As the committee is central authority, it has faced the problem of low protocol to coordinate among the concerned authorities, he said.